In September of 2023, the City of Costa Mesa initiated the preparation of a Specific Plan and Environmental Impact Report to coordinate and facilitate transition of the Fairview Developmental Center (FDC) to a mixed use, mixed income housing community. The FDC is a State-owned property and the State Department of Developmental Services, State Department of General Services, and the City of Costa Mesa will partner on future disposition of the site.

The City’s 6th Cycle Housing Element lists the FDC as a housing opportunity site and estimates 2,300 housing units for the location. Through this process the State will likely sell or lease the FDC site to an owner/developer who would develop the site consistent with the Specific Plan. The Plan is expected to be completed in late 2025. The FDC Housing Plan is an exciting opportunity for the City to plan for a new neighborhood for Costa Mesa.

Satellite view showing the study area of the Developmental Center as it sits in the nearby neighborhoods. An orange dotted line shows the outline of the whole site, with a purple overlay in the southwest corner for the Emergency Operations Center, which is not part of this project.

Please continue to check this site for ongoing project updates and information about how to participate in the planning process.