Draft Vision and Guiding Principles

What is a Vision? How is it used?

A vision is a forward-looking and aspirational statement that expresses the desired future state of a specific area or region. It serves as a guide for the planning and development of the land, encapsulating the long-term goals and values of the community and will be incorporated into the Specific Plan document. It is a reference point to ensure the land use plan reflects the collective vision and values of the community, while also achieving important housing goals set by the city and state. Overall, a vision statement paints a picture of what the specific plan hopes to achieve in terms of physical development, sustainability, connectivity, cultural and social integration, economic vitality, adaptability, and quality of life.

Developing the Vision for FDC

The vision statement sets the tone for the planning process, aligning the efforts of stakeholders and community members and creating a framework for decision-making. Community engagement and partnership with stakeholders are crucial components to developing the vision for the Fairview Developmental Center. The community offers valuable perspectives on the city and project area, drawing from their firsthand experiences of visiting and engaging with local spaces.

Community input throughout the visioning process led to this initial draft vision for the Fairview Developmental Center Specific Plan. The draft vision and guiding principles will continue to be refined throughout the process and the final version will be included in the Specific Plan, to guide final design and future development for the area.

The draft vision was developed using feedback collected from the following events and meetings:

Revised Vision and Guiding Principles

Vision Collage

Draft Vision Statement and Guiding Principles

To provide input on the Vision and Guiding Principles please email your ideas to FDCHousingPlan@costamesaca.gov